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Memories in March (2010)

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Vizyon Tarihi:
10 Eylül 2010
Bengalce, İngilizce, Hintçe
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Çekim Yeri:
Kolkata, West Bengal, Hindistan
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Delhi-based Arati Mishra believed her worst day was when she was divorced from her U.S.-based husband, Suresh, until she got the news that her Kolkata-based son, Siddhartha, had been killed in a vehicular accident. She travels to Kolkata; is received at the airport by her son's co-worker, Sahana Choudhury, and accompanies her to the crematorium. After the cremation, she is then taken to the guest-house where her son used to live, and told that Siddhartha had been at a party, had not only consumed considerable alcohol but had also insisted on driving, and met with a fatal accident. The next day, she accompanies Sahana to her son's place of employment where she meets some of the staff and signs some documents, but ends up distressed when she is not permitted to take her son's belongings. Quite upset, blaming the office workers' for letting her son drive under the influence, she does not realize that she will be in for more shocks and surprises when she will find that her son had a secret life.
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  • Memories in March
  • Memories in March
  • Memories in March
  • Memories in March
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