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Dubaï Flamingo (2012)

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Vizyon Tarihi:
18 Ocak 2012 (Fransa)
Fransızca, İspanyolca, İngilizce
Çekim Yeri:
Al Ain, Dubai, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri
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Vincent is a bureaucrat in the mirage town of Dubai. His wife Livia disappears leaving
no trace. Maybe she ran off with another man.
Vincent decides to search for her.

In a parking lot, he has the strangest encounter with Jackie, a young and beautiful woman in
tears. She cries over her deceased wolf from the Steppes. Jackie says she must bury her beast
in the north, for the sake of his soul.

Vincent leaves, more worried about his missing wife than the wonderings of an eccentric.
Trapped in the middle of a dust cloud, he’s unable to reach his car. Jackie warns him, he’ll
never find it again. She then invites him to join her aboard her sparkling convertible car
adorned with pink leather.

They begin a journey on the roads of the Emirate, between city and desert, between reality
and dream. | Gönderen: pis metalci
Fragman Görseller
  • Dubai Flamingos - First trailer!
  • Dubaï Flamingo
  • Dubaï Flamingo
  • Dubaï Flamingo
  • Dubaï Flamingo
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