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Anschlag auf Baku (1942)

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Vizyon Tarihi:
25 Ağustos 1942
Çekim Yeri:
Chorzele, Mazowieckie, Polonya
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The year is 1919. A former German officer, Hans Romberg, who has managed to flee from a prison camp in Russia, now leads a security service for an oil company in Baku. In an attempt to undermine the economy, foreign interventionists are sponsoring and financing acts of terrorism against the drilling company. Romberg is convinced that another foreigner in Baku, Forbes, is the one behind the terrorism, but can't seem to prove it. Meanwhile, the attacks on the company are threatening to wipe out Baku itself. The minister of police, Barakoff, allows himself to be convinced by Forbes to let in a Turkish expeditionary force to protect the oil fields. This proves to be catastrophic, however, when it appears that this interventionary force has plans to annex Baku to Turkey. In desperation, Barakoff turns to Romberg to prevent this from happening and to bring to justice the foreign instigators behind this plot to ruin Baku forever. | Gönderen: alpereneren
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